Vision of Dohse Aquaristik GmbH & Co. KG

"Success comes from our ideas, the ideas follow our values."

Dohse Aquaristik is a family enterprise that has been standing for innovation and tradition for three generations. It was founded by Hans Dohse in the year 1949. 

The values we live in the company are proven for three generations and have been continually developed. 

The animal that needs to be protected is in the focus of our interest. All animals kept in and around our homes do not live in their natural environment. Therefore we endeavour to recreate their natural environments as closely as possible with our products. Thus our line of products is unique and beneficial for our animals, and for owners and retailers as well. Products without sense make no sense to us. 

Reliability and durability are values that mean a lot to us as manufacturers and suppliers of products and ideas. – We keep our word. From the days of our founder Hans Dohse, innovation has been an important part of our corporate culture. And it still is today. Dynamism – short decision tracks help us make quick, efficient decisions. Our well-trained travelling sales people keep our management and production staff in close touch with the needs and wishes of our customers. 

Mutual respect for one another and our business partners is an essential base of our team-oriented work. Orderliness and cleanliness are natural essentials for each of us. 

The wide and deep range of our products makes us an important and reliable partner for specialised pet shops. With our brands HOBBY-Aquaristik, HOBBY-Terraristik and DUPLA we offer a wide selection of products -- with a total of more than 110 years of experience. 

We shall further consolidate our position in the market and continue to be a reliable and consistent partner for retailers.