Plant Care

Plant care


Unlike tropical plant waters, mains water is lacking in a large number of nutrients. Many important plant nutrients and trace elements are absent or are removed from the water during treatment at waterworks. However, if just one nutrient is missing, plant growth stops and/or the plants perish (Liebig's Law of the Minimum). To be sure of healthy plant growth in the aquarium, the nutritional deficiencies in mains water must be compensated for and replenished to turn mains water into good aquarium water.


Under the brand name HOBBY Aquaristik, we offer complete fertilisers, basic fertilisers, substrate fertilisers, iron fertilisers in the form of liquid and granulate fertilisers, CO2 fertilisers and refertilisers for the various types of tank. Thus both tanks with bottom burrowing fish, ready-equipped aquaria and tanks with plants that have a particular requirement for iron or that prefer an acidic substrate can be ideally provided for.



Plant Fit
250 ml
other sizes available...
20 pcs.
3 kg
other sizes available...
20 balls, Ø 15 mm
Peat Blocks
3 pcs.
15 g