Artemia – also known as triops, brine shrimp or sea monkeys - are small shrimp that live in salt lakes. The eggs of these brine shrimp can survive even long droughts and the nauplii only hatch when they come into contact with water again. They then hatch out after just 24 to 36 hours. Nauplii can either be used as food for juvenile fish or be raised to adult animals of up to two centimetres in length as food for large freshwater and marine fish. Self-bred artemia are a constantly available source of live food. They are an ideal breeding food and provide a welcome additional source of nutrition for all aquarium fish. Dohse Aquaristics has developed a complete artemia breeding system under the brand name HOBBY Aquaristik - starting with artemia eggs and culture equipment to special artemia breeding feed.

Artemia Breeder
Artemia Hatchery
Replacement Sieve
for Hatchery
Eggs + Salt, 195 g for 6 l
Artemia Salt
195 g for 6 l
Artemia Brine Shrimp Eggs
20 ml
other sizes available...
Artemia Sieve
8,5 x 8 cm
120 mµ
Artemia Sieve Combination
8,5 x 8 cm
120, 300, 560, 900 mµ
50 ml
other sizes available...
20 ml
other sizes available...
20 ml / 10 g