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Product description


The Algomatic is a powerful battery-operated aquarium cleaner. The modern oscillation technique enables makes it so easy to remove even stubborn algae infestation from the aquarium panels. Due to three different attachments and a plastic scraper, the Algomatic can handle virtually any task and is suitable for glass as well as plastic aquaria. Completely immersible it is also perfect for use in large aquaria Driven by 4 Mignon AA batteries (not included), the Algomatic has sufficient power and endurance and makes your aquarium shine again!


Product benefits at a glance:

Brush: Ideal for cleaning furnishings.

Soft sponge: Suitable for minor algae infestation on the aquarium panels and plastic aquaria.

Abrasive sponge: Removes stubborn algae infestation on glass panels.

Plastic synthetic scraper: Against intensive algae infestation on glass or plastic panels.


• ideal for cleaning glass and plastic aquaria

• does not scratch the panel (if used as intended)

• modern oscillation technique removes even stubborn algae infestation

• completely watertight and immersible thus also suitable for large aquaria 

• 4 x Mignon AA batteries (not included) are required for operation


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