Radio-controlled Thermometer

(Item No.: 60602)

Product description


Pond Thermometer with radio-controlled receiver and feeding reminder

Independent of the outdoor temperature, it is always important to monitor the temperature of one’s pond. Our radio-controlled thermometer allows you to check on the current temperature from the comfort of your home – up to a range of approx. 50 m. On warm days you may act quickly to prevent a lack of oxygen, e.g. by adding our Oxyletten-T . In case of a sudden temperature drop you can determine exactly if you need to act in the case of frost or if you may wait and see a little longer. Another highlight is the daily feeding alarm function. Set it on 5 pm every day, for example. After just a few days you will notice that your fish remember the feeding time and will already await you at the feeding spot (e.g. our HOBBY Pond Feeding Ring).


• temperature monitoring at a glance, from the comfort of your house.
• adjustable feeding reminder – you fish will always be awaiting you at feeding time
• wireless transmission range of up to 50m
• floating pond sensor with an independent temperature display
• 24 h weather forecast– the display will show you what weather to expect


The indoors measuring range lies between -9.9 °C and +50 °C and 20 – 95 % humidity


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