Grassy Stone

8,5 x 3,5 x 3 cm (Item No.: 51550)

Product description


Life-like and deceptively real looking aquarium artificial plant. The small plant mats are particularly suitable for improving the appearance of the substrate of aquaria.
If you plant several mats close together, you get a very natural look.
The weighted base mat gives the plant a very firm hold in the substrate even if little or no substrate was used.
The natural looking plastic plants also move in the water flow of the aquarium like natural plants. These plants provide the aquarium fish with hiding spots and an orientation to mark their territory.

Hint: To prevent algae problems, you should always integrate a few natural plants in the aquarium.



Product benefits at a glance:

• natural-looking reproduction of aquarium plants
• particularly suitable for planting in aquarium substrate 
• do not affect the chemistry or clarity of the water
• weighted base mat gives the plant a firm hold in the substrate even with
   little substrate 


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