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Product description


Effective control of algae without harming aquatic creatures!

Most aquarium enthusiasts know how annoying algae problems in the
aquarium can be. 
The algaecide ensures very effective, quick and reliable control of the most common types of algae in the aquarium such as green, red, brown and slime algae. 
This is a gentle treatment for the rest of the aquarium using a photosynthesis inhibitor.
The anti-algae active ingredient only attacks the metabolism of the algae and destroys the ability to photosynthesise within the cell.The algae then die.
Even the development and further growth of stubborn types of algae such as thread algae is disrupted and the algae is eradicated from the aquarium. 
The algaecide is also suitable for use as preventive treatment.


Product advantages at a glance:

• fights algae of all kinds effectively, quickly and reliably

• prevents reoccurrence of algae

• rapid release of active ingredient ensures direct control of algae

• special liquid formula guarantees optimal distribution 



Maintenance dose: Use 5 ml for every 20 l of aquarium water every 4 weeks.

Control dose: Use 5 ml for every 10 l of aquarium water. Repeat the treatment as required after 4 weeks.

Use: Shake before use. Pour the liquid straight into the water.

Please note: Protect the product from sunlight. Activated carbon filtering reduces the effectiveness. Turn off UV clarifier. Ventilation necessary. Remove dead algae mechanically if possible.

Biocidal products should be used with caution. Always read label and product information before use.

Reg. no. in DE: N-65714                


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