Easy Fit

250 ml
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Product description

Promotes health, provides crystal clear water, removes odours and reduces ammonia and water-polluting substances. The natural ingredients stabilise the water environment in a natural manner, making the fish more energetic, active and colourful. The risk of algae is reduced. For fresh and marine water.
• reduces and removes chemicals, medication residues, heavy metals,
  chlorine, ammonia and many other harmful substances
• 100 % natural without chemical additives
• reduces the risk of an algae outbreak in the aquarium
• creates crystal-clear water and removes smells
• particularly high yield and overdosing is harmless
• promotes biological balance in aquarium and creates stable water values
• promotes health of all aquarium inhabitants and
  increases their vitality and rich colouring
• keeps indefinitely for long-term use
Weekly dosing: 20 ml for every 100 l. Following treatment with
medication: 50 ml for every 100 l once only. As support when affected
by disease: Daily 20 ml for every 100 l. Notes: Will keep indefinitely,
harmless when overdosing, may reduce the effectiveness of medication
under certain circumstances.

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