8 x 7,5 x 12,5 cm (Item No.: 41732)

Product description

Strength lies in calmness.
This far ease decoration emits power, strength, but also calm and serenity.
According to Far Eastern teachings, they will bring prosperity and balance!
Design your aquarium in a Far Eastern style and be inspired by these statutes.
The smooth surface makes dirt from e.g. algae easy to clean.
Since they are made from a safe, inert material (polyresin), they do not affect the water and clarity.
Product benefits at a glance:
    • suitable for freshwater aquaria
    • ideal for Far Eastern aquarium designs
    • does not affect water quality or clarity
    • smooth surface for easy cleaning

For this, we recommend

Bubble Air Pump 300
for 100 - 300 l

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