Plant Fit

500 ml (Item No.: 41064)

Product description


Adds to the aquarium water all the micro- and macronutrients required for optimum plant growth without encouraging algae growth at the same time. Plant Fit contains iron, potassium, manganese and molybdenum, as well as other elements. These are multiple-stabilised and are absorbed directly through the leaves. Plant Fit can be used for weekly fertilization and as a daily fertilizer. Free of nitrates and phosphates.


• guarantees long-term supply of nutrients thanks to Depot Active formula

• contains all the important macro- and micronutrients for healthy plant growth

• good plant growth reduces undesirable algal growth

• balanced ratio of iron, potassium and trace elements for rich green leaves

• free of phosphates and nitrates for less water pollution

• also promotes colouring of red-leaved plants



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