Euphorbia M

15 x 7 x 16 cm (Item No.: 36999)

Product description


This realistic but artificial cactus species is ideally suited to make desert terraria look more attractive. But semi-damp terraria can also be beautifully and naturally designed with the Euphorbia.
With the varied sizes available, there are no limits at all to your design possibilities.
The Euphorbia are accurate reproductions and made from high-quality materials.
As they are made from safe, inert material, the cacti are completely harmless for your nurslings.


Product benefits at a glance:

• accurate reproduction made from high-quality materials

• suited for the natural design of desert and semi-damp terraria

• various sizes available

• completely harmless for your nurslings


For this, we recommend

Terrano Desert Sand
white, Ø 1-3 mm, 5 kg

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