Tasman Rock 2

22 x 14 x 7 cm (Item No.: 32052)

Product description

Particularly natural-looking rock pieces, modelled on Tasmanian rock formations.
They can hardly be distinguished from real rock and guarantee a particularly natural decoration. 
They are perfect for the design of underwater landscapes but also for rock structures in terraria.
Thanks to the structure, creatures can easily find places to hide.
This promotes the well-being of your creatures and stimulates their natural behaviour. 
The extreme lightness of the material used compared to natural stones prevents any possible damage to the aquarium glass. Neither does it have any impact on the water quality and clarity of the water.

Product benefits at a glance:

• particularly natural-looking rock pieces and can hardly be distinguished from real rock
• ideally suited for the design of both aquaria and terraria
• closely modelled on nature and can hardly be distinguished from real rock 
• does not affect the quality or clarity of the water

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