Digital temperature regulator (Item No.: 10893)

Product description


Microprocessor-controlled temperature controller with inverting function for heating/cooling, temperature reduction at night and visual alarm.

The temperature controller is equipped with an LED lamp to indicate the activity of connected heating or cooling devices. When switching into programming mode, the slot for external devices is deactivated for safety reasons.
To protect electronic components, a delay of 60 seconds is set between 2 switching states before the slot becomes active again.
Break or a short-circuit are indicated as faults. The temperature sensor is equipped with a USB connector for replacement in the event of a defect.


Factory Presetting

clock setting: 12:00

single/toggle mode: single mode

temperature: 25° C

night temperature: 23 °C

temperature Alarm: off


Technical Specifications

Operating voltage: 230 V / 50 Hz

Load capacity: 2000 W (ohmic load)

Temperature display range: -9.9 - 99.9 °C

Temperature control range: 10.0 - 60.0 °C

Temperature alarm range: +/- 0,1 - 10° C (00 means ‘no alarm’)

Temperature display accuracy: 0.1° C

Temperature control accuracy: +/- 0.1° C

Sensor tolerance: +/-0.5 °C

Sensor cable length: 3 m


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