Easy Feeder

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Product description

On holiday you need a reliable tool to supply your fish in the aquarium at home with food.
Easy Feeder is a modern, microchip controlled feeder specifically for this purpose. 
The feeder can be powered via the mains or the integrated, rechargeable battery pack. This means the feeder is also particularly safe during mains failures and the programmed information won’t be lost!
The extra large feed drum holding up to 100 g / 300 ml of food means even long trips are no problem at all. Programmable for up to 4 feeding intervals with up to 3 drum cycles.
Mains operation and recharging the battery pack requires a standard USB mains adapter (e.g.: mains adapter for mobiles) with 5 V and at least 1 A.


Product benefits at a glance:
• feeder can be powered via integrated, rechargeable battery pack or directly via the
  mains (mains adapter not included) 
• particularly safe during mains failures, battery pack lasts up to 6 weeks
• ventilated feed drum ensures food won’t clump
• particularly light and easy to program for up to 4 feedings per day
• suitable for food granules or flakes
• more flexible bracket allows up to 360° horizontal pivot
• extra large feed drum for up to 100 g / 300 ml of food
Technical Data:
Dimensions: 15 cm x 7.5 cm x 12 cm
Weight: 219 g 
Input voltage: 5 V / 1 A – 2.1 A 
Battery pack: Integrated lithium-ion battery pack with 650 mAh
All information approximate. Subject to technical changes.


Instructions for use / Easy Feeder
     (PDF, 10,8 MB)

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