The classic community tank


Fish originating from different regions but all sharing similar requirements in terms of water chemistry are kept in community tanks. Unlike pure bass tanks with limited plant density, this type of tank is fairly heavily planted. Plants that are small in stature are selected for the foreground and tall-growing plants for the background. Stone structures and terrace levels are used to create attractive underwater landscapes. Root woods augment the aquarium with humic and tannic acid that lightly acidify and colour the water, as is typical in soft water regions. Depending on the fish used, the carbonate hardness is generally below 8°dH, but at least 4°dH to prevent fluctuations in the pH value that depends on it. The pH value is between 6.5 and 7.5 and the temperature between 23 and 26°C.



red, 3 l



Lime-free, decorative substrate, coarse grain and porosity ideal for oxygenation of the aquarium bed. The colour is an ideal contrast to fish and plants.

Grotto Lava Puzzle
approx. 1,2 kg



Strikingly formed, unique specimen of Icelandic lava foam. Can be glued together using HOBBY Silicone to form mysterious caves or natural looking backdrops.

Rear Panel Adhesive, 50 ml



FotoFix glues plastic foil high-gloss photo backgrounds bubble-free onto aquarium and terrarium panes. The background adhesive makes the photo motif significantly more brilliant, without darkening due to the air space between foil and pane, reflections or air bubbles.

Deco Terrace
convex, 36 x 12 cm



For creating terrace levels in the aquarium. Natural-looking terrace module.

Deco Terrace
concav, 36 x 12 cm



For creating terrace levels in the aquarium. Natural-looking terrace module.

Deco Root 1
36 x 22 x 33 cm



Ideal decorative root for aquaria. A great eye catcher in every aquarium.

Nido 2
21 x 16 x 14 cm



Floating breeder which adjusts itself to the water level. Also suitable for use as breeding tank. With partition for keeping apart two viviparous fish.



Extra-strong algae magnet removes algae from aquarium glass easily, leaving no traces. Used like ordinary algae magnets. Blade made of high quality, stainless V4A steel, as used in ship-building. Guaranteed not to cut the silicon joints and does not scratch the glass.

For glass thickness up to 12 mm. After use in Marine Water rinse with fresh water.

Gravel Washer
with 2 m outlet-hose 9/12
other sizes available...



Recommended every time the water is changed. For clearing organic waste from the aquarium bed. Regular usage prevents poor water values.

Plants 1 / 5
0,50 x 25 m



Double-Sided Background Plants 1 / 5

15 W, 45 cm
other wattages available...



Fluorescent tube promoting plant growth and stimulating photosynthesis. Colour-enhancing effect through high proportion of red and blue. Usable in combination with Freshwater Light or Solar Light. Also suitable for planted terrariums.

15 W, 45 cm



Full spectrum lamp for freshwater aquariums. Inhibits algae growth through natural colour spectrum with colour rendition index 1A. Ideal for sparsely planted aquariums, can be used in combination with Plant Light for normal to densely planted aquariums. Also suitable for terrarium animals without UVB requirement.

3 kg
other sizes available...



Long-Term Substrate Fertilizer for rich plant growth.

Substrate fertilizer with delayed release. Delayed nutrient release provides effective, long-term, healthy growth. Being rich in trace elements and the nutrients necessary for life, Vulcanit promotes the formation of strong roots and lush green leaves.