The perfect discus tank


The pinnacle in freshwater aquaria is keeping a fantastic discus tank. Home to these popular cichlids (Symphysodon) is the tributaries of the Amazon inSouth America. The fish are usually found between sunken trees, roots or dead branches in the slightly acidic water, which is often brown in colour due to humic substances.

Discus fish love high temperatures over 28 °C, soft water and subdued aquarium lighting. Despite their placid behaviour, the fish, which are up to 15cm in length, require a tank at least 100 cm long.






An ideal additive of trace elements, plant hormones and humic acids. Used for neutral to acid (soft) water, specifically and indigenous fish. Serves to soften the water and lower the pH-value in freshwater tanks. A very practical recommendation is to put the filter material in the HOBBY Net Filter Bag.

Deco Root 2
36 x 27 x 39 cm



Ideal decorative root for aquaria. A great eye catcher in every aquarium.

Duplarit G
250 g
other sizes available...



Natural iron-active tropical laterite for setting up new aquariums. Basic bottom fertilizer for all aquarium plants. Enhances growth and appearance and prevents deficiency symptoms. Contains soil bacteria that, in symbiosis with the roots, unlock the nutrients. 250 g are sufficient for the bottom of a 100 litre aquarium.

Optimum results in combination with Plant basic and Plant 24.



Regenerative, alkaline anion exchanger with high nitrate selectivity. Binds residual nitrates in the permeate (pure water in the reverse osmosis system). Removes nitrate directly in fresh water aquaria. 1,000 ml bind up to 60,000 mg of nitrate. Duresin N can be placed directly downstream of a reverse osmosis plant in a separate filter casing (e.g. filter casing FG 500). In the aquarium, Duresin N has the best effect if it is used in a net bag in the filter system.




Algae magnet where, the inside section vertically drops to the ground, when the section on the outside is removed, retaining an upright position. Thus, there is no substrate between the two parts of the magnet and the panes do not get scratched!

36 W, 120 cm



Fluorescent tube promoting plant growth and stimulating photosynthesis. Colour-enhancing effect through high proportion of red and blue. Usable in combination with Freshwater Light or Solar Light. Also suitable for planted terraria.

Reverse Osmosis System
RO 190

other sizes available...



Average output at 8 - 15 °C and 2 - 4 bar pressure is 100 - 190 l raw water per day. Rejection rate of e.g. nitrates 92 - 97 %, sulphates 97 - 98 % and silicates 94 - 96 %. Including carbon filter, 5 µm fine filter, flow quantity limiter and including ¾ inch connection for water line.



Filter housing filled with 500 ml Duresin N. Is fitted downstream of an osmosis system or integrated into the fresh water aquarium filter cycle. Includes hose connections for osmosis systems and aquarium filters. 500 ml filter volume binds up to 30,000 mg of nitrate.