The forest terrarium


Forestterrarium is the term given to semi-damp or semi-dry terraria. This name should not only call to mind central European forests, since this type of terrarium can range climatically between dry and rainforest terraria. The decoration, temperature and dampness depend heavily on the species being kept. The substrate is kept more or less damp and, if necessary, a drainage layer of expanded clay or cork is used. The plants provide the inhabitants with hiding places and visual cover, but are also used for climbing and as territory markers. The light requirement is less than in dry terraria. The need for dampness is met by using small or large misters. The inhabitants of forest terraria are reptiles and arachnids, but sometimes amphibians too.

Terrano Forest
Substrate, 4 l



Moisture retaining ground substrate for forest and rain forest inhabitants. Comes closest to the nature forest floor. Extracted from the sub bark of pines, valued for the seed and mould resistant effects of the retained ether oils.

Coconut Fibre Mat
50 x 50 cm, 4 pcs.



100 % natural product made of coconut fibre. Protected against rotting quickly by rubberising with natural non-vulcanised rubber. Provides ideal climbing facility for the animals and can be planted with tillandsia, ferns and mosses to make a living backdrop. Pack contains 4 mats.

Artificial plants for terrarium decoration.

Deco Root 1
36 x 22 x 33 cm



Ideal decorative root for aquariums. A great eye catcher in every aquarium.

Bark Cave S
19 x 5 x 8 cm



Artificial bark cave with two holes.

Arizona Rock 1
17 x 17 x 9 cm



Perfect material for creating a natural look in aquaria and terraria.




The 100 watt UV surface radiators for reptiles from desert regions achieve their optimum UV-B output of 150 µW/cm² at a distance of +/- 50 cm to the animal. They provide high output of light, heat and UV-A/B in a single lamp and have a balanced UV-B output to power consumption ratio.

50 W



Sunlight Reflector Spotlight

• base light for all types of terraria
• imitates natural sunlight
• full 4-colour light spectrum
• with UV A radiation
• encourages natural behaviour
• colour-boosting
• mirrored reflector inside
• tested quality
• long life

Clamp Lamp
Ø 14 cm



Clamp lamp with aluminium shade and E27 ceramic socket for bulbs, heat and UV radiators. Includes 360° ball-and-socket joint for precise lighting of the terrarium. According to DIN EN specification.

Timer Switch with Seconds Function. 8 turn-on / turn-off
times can be programmed. Shortest switching interval
1 second. Programming for control daily, on particular
days, in blocks of days, only weekdays, or only at weekends.
Battery to safeguard against loss of date in
the event of a power failure. Integrated child lock.



For increasing the humidity of both the air and the substrate in the terrarium. To protect the animals from dehydration and for covering their fluid requirement. Water is nebulized as a real mist using ultrasound technology. Automatically switches off when water level is below 45 mm. Including: 1 replacement membrane, 1 replacement key.